A Sad, Sad Story

I just want to draw your attention to a story told on the op-ed pages of the New York Times by Bob Herbert. It is about a woman without insurance who is diagnosed with cancer. Her story is a sad one – a sad, sad one (it deserves an extra sad, really). Her story raises several health care policy questions, but the one this writer is trying to expose – even further than countless others have done before – are the problems that the uninsured face. Give it a look.


One response to “A Sad, Sad Story

  1. My friend is an Alcoholic who relapsed and was suffering from severe alcohol withdrawal because she tried to stop drinking. She needed to be taken into the detox ward for a detox the friendly nurse refused to see her saying that people don’t need to detox from Alchohol (even though can die all the time with the DT’s while detoxing. She was even insured with anthem and the hospital wouldn’t even let her come in.

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