Presidential Plans

I’ve been meaning to get to an analysis of the candidates’ health care reform plans, but I keep getting sidetracked with life or other health care related tangents. However, my time is running out. I only have till the beginning of January before this discussion loses a bit of its importance. I want to be fair to my Iowa based readers. Do I have any of those?

So in an attempt to get started I am first going to direct any interested readers to a thorough (maybe too thorough or at least too long) chart comparing all of the plans. You can select your favorite or most hated candidates and compare them side by side. What partisan fun! The tool that allows all of this fun comparison is from our friends at the Kaiser Family Foundation. Check it out here.

I’m not sure how accessible this information is for the average reader without some health care policy knowledge so please ask questions. Also, I will be attempting to break it down in the coming month.

Iowans, I hope I can beat your deadline.


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