Headlines – 12/13/07

  • President Bush vetoed a second bipartisan SCHIP expansion bill.  The Congress made changes to the SCHIP expansion, but after a private veto, it appears that he did not think the Congress compromised enough.  Bush states that the bill covers children with family incomes above the U.S. median, allows adults into the program, and raises taxes (cigarette tax).   If you want to know what the bill really does and does not do (and see what changes were made from the first bill to the second) take a look at the Kaiser Family Foundation.  For example, the bill gives States that previously allowed childless adults into the program  one year to move them out (down from 2 years before) and it allows those States that previously allowed pregnant mothers and adults with children a new set-aside financing scheme, but it would not allow any new waivers for such coverage. Before Congress recesses for the Holidays it looks as if they will extend SCHIP at its current level until sometime in 2008.  Round and round we go.
  • The National Federation of Independent Businesses put out a strong warning on health care reform.  They will be against any plans that requires businesses to provide insurance or pay into the system.  This statement is important as they played a large role in blocking Clinton’s 1993 health care reform.  Clinton, Edwards, and Obama – watch out – the battle has begun. 

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