Headlines – 1/4/08

The shadow from Iowa threatens to hide all other news stories, but a few health care  headlines caught my attention.

  • The big news story is that the Bush administration has and is preventing states from expanding Medicaid. Since Medicaid is a federal/state funding partnership, states will be unable to expand Medicaid in any appreciable way.  The administration’s policy is consistent with its restrictions placed on SCHIP last summer. They state the crowd-out effect as a primary motivator. Read the details here.
  • Oklahoma City’s mayor challenges his city to lose 1 million pounds.  Its a simple idea.  Set-up a website, and I am assuming a marketing campaign, to encourage weight loss.  It will be interesting to see if this works, especially considering that the city’s official meal (really!) consists of cornbread, sausage and gravy, chicken fried steak, pecan pie, fried okra, squash, barbecue pork, biscuits, grits, corn, strawberries and black-eyed peas.  Will this initiative be a few public dollars well spent?  We will see.  You can see it here.

3 responses to “Headlines – 1/4/08

  1. Not a comment on the headlines but I thought you’d be gratified to know that Brent’s “contemporary” section question on the GOE’s was on health care crisis, and what the Episcopal Church’s response should be, on local, diocesan and national levels. Thanks for playing a part (albeit unknowing) in prepping Brent for his exams!

  2. HI, The official meal in OK has some healthy components depending on how they are prepared. I counted a few fruits and vegetables in there! If one tried to be a vegetarian on this list of foods, they could lose weight!.

  3. follow up: if you’re interested in seeing the question and another candidate’s answer, Jared Cramer’s posted his GOE answers on his blog. The health care question is here: http://www.jaredcramer.com/?p=915

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