Headlines – 1/28/08

I apologize for the absence the past two weeks, but my absence does not mean that health care has fallen from the headlines. However, it should be noted that health care has fallen from the political spotlight as the economy has emerged as number one with Iraq and health care fighting it out for a distant second spot.

  • SCHIP failed once again. The House failed to overturn President’s Bush veto of the $35 billion SCHIP expansion. The House voted 260-152, but 15 votes short for the needed 2/3 majority. It seems to me that this time around the veto fight loss much of its steam while the $150 billion payout to most Americans gained momentum. Check it out here.
  • California’s bid to provide universal health coverage seems doomed today by an expected “no” vote by a senate health committee. Check it out here.
  • A follow-up on Wal-mart. Wal-mart now insures over 50% of its employees – a huge milestone. Wal-mart has surpassed Target and has left its critics with one less area for concern.

One response to “Headlines – 1/28/08

  1. Today, I see that this plan has indeed been squelched. Perhaps those close to the politics of it will be able to analyze what the obstacles were and strategically plan for future opportunities to push this agenda forward.

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