The State of Things

The Sunday Times placed a health care article on the front page above the crease. The article is not necessarily groundbreaking new information, but its updates typical stories  and costs in a new and shakier  economic climate. The article emphasizes that yes, the uninsured numbers are rising (nearing 48 million), but that the costs for the insured are rising in a time that when budgets are tightening. Here are stats from the article:

The average employees’ share of their family insurance premium has increased from $1800 in 2001 (the last recession) to $3,300 today.

Families spent more on health care (16.6% of income) than they do on food ( 13.1%) or housing (14.4%).

These trends are not new and the dynamics of who is hurting has remained the same. However, with increasing gas costs, food costs, and housing uncertainties, health care needs are being squeezed. Don’t be surprised if more and more of today’s insured will fall into the uninsured pool at an ever increasing pace.


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