Cesareans Lead to Higher Priced Insurance

Watch out!  If you have a Cesarean delivery you may find it more difficult and more expensive to find health insurance in the individual insurance market.  Go ahead and add Cesarean to the growing list of pre-existing conditions. Since the individual market is growing (18 million people) and the Cesarean rate is growing (31.1% of births or 1.2 million Cesareans a year) one could assume that many people have faced this issue.  You can read about a few women who have discovered this reality here.


One response to “Cesareans Lead to Higher Priced Insurance

  1. I’d heard this from a friend who successfully VBAC-ed with her second child. I have to say that this seems doubly unfair given the fact the the US performs more unnecessary C-sections than any other developed country. If I were hopeful that the trend in insurance would encourage the C-section rate to drop, I would be all for incentives for vaginal birth…but to punish the women with “pre-existing condition” in a system that has already probably needlessly endangered their health (and their baby’s) is really outrageous…

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