In this section I will be posting links to papers that I have written for several of my classes. The papers can be dry for some, but offer detailed insight into many health care topics. For those brave enough, or maybe just bored enough, feel free to take a look. I will be adding papers over time (as I write them). When you read them note that they were written with specific criteria, restrictions, and space limits as directed by my professors. Many of the topics deserve much more, but the papers, at least, provide a more technical look than any blog post. Please feel free to comment below.

Also, one quick disclaimer. After rereading some of the papers I realized that some of my thoughts have evolved over time and are generally more nuanced now. Also, some of the ideas I present are presented for the sake of the paper (grade) and are not necessarily what I fully believe.

Health Care Costs


Wealth Disparities and Health

U.S. Health Care Reform


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